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+Plusimple helps you manage
your Health and Wellbeing

Plusimple is the first platform which makes managing your health a lot easier, collborating with associations, professionals and facilities all around the world. A simpler path with a greater support from the people who care about you.

Plusimple in London – Unbound Digital 2016

Plusimple in London – Unbound Digital 2016

Plusimple has been selected to take part at the event Unbound Digital 2016 that will…

You don’t need to be alone while choosing or acting. Let us and our communities support you and get more knowledge.

More welfare

Live a better and innovative experience accessing an unique place where you can meet people and professionals who can help you in the daily health management.

More awareness

On a single place, with a single access. You will no longer need to undergo the effort and inefficiencies of switching among thousand different and isolated tools.

More freedom

Earn more free time to spend with who you really love doing what you really love. Enjoy what matters the most and stop wasting time with inefficient tools.

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Innovation partners
Let's change together the rules. Join our premium program

Some prestigious partners have already joined the Pluscare premium program adopting and promoting Plusimple as a mean of support for their associates and related network, to offer new advantages and share new benefits.
Choose the partner that can help you the most and join Plusimple!

If you are
a patient

Get in touch with associations and communities that can support yyou. Manage your health with your professionals and facilities in a direct a simple way.

Store your data in a safe way, and be followed proactively, without limits of time or space.

If you are
a professional

Bring more visibility to your skills and experiences. Start a new formative journey in a more efficient way.

Join the talk and give your scientific support. For a shared path of knowledge with the other users.

Take part in the clinical pathways of your patients.

If you are
an association

Approach your audience and increase the involvement of the stakeholders.

Offer your associates a safe and certified path through all the health care network.

Meet and get new members! Create a shared knowledge available to all!

If you are
a facility

Offer to your patients a better experience connected with your staff and your services.

Be part of the patient’s healthcare pathway besides your face to face meetings.

Increase and improve your services supply to make it more appealing and accessible!

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