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Le attuali spinte all’innovazione e ottimizzazione dei servizi sanitari necessitano sempre una maggiore equità, accessibilità, efficienza e appropriatezza in tutte le aree dell’assistenza sanitaria.

In the healthcare world, marketing is one of the most important tools for both private and public companies to get more users and make it easier to access the services.

Plusimple is the new tool to make the relationships among patients, professionals and health facilities easier to build and maintain.

Plusimple can help you make your users perceive the real essence of you company and the quality of the services provided.

Plusimple integrates different tools in a single, scalable, safe and on-the-cloud solution.

What really impress an user is his experience with you, the set of rational and irrational feelings that give a value to your service, your staff, your company. The better the feelings, the greater the value.

We can help you make this experience even better: more information, more communication, easier relationships, more closeness.

Give more exposure to your qualified staff.

Be part of the healthcare pathway of your patients, besides the face to face meetings.

Make your services more accessibile and easier to find.

Be in the follow-up of your patients journey, gathering the data.

Use innovative marketing tools to gain a competitive advantage.

Save money by avoiding technologies that will be soon obsolete.

Be an early adopter of Plusimple!

Join our premium program Pluscare or request a demo

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